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Hello, Spring. Are you there?

It’s me, Carolyn.

I just bought nearly 25 leva worth of martenitsi.  I hope that this means you will come sooner than later.

I know that in Bulgaria as the month of March, you’re known as the woman’s month because women are moody and cranky.  I think this is unfair assessment of the situation (and women in general) and as such, maybe you’d be willing to consider skipping over this part and moving right to the April showers bring May flowers part.  I am not sure that you care about what I think (or that you read my blog) but I thought I’d let you know: I’d be okay with this. The showers and flowers part. In other words, bring on the spring.

On a similar note, I’d be happy with rain if it means plenty of tulips and daffodils and later roses.  I also really like my pink and silver umbrella. So a few rainy days would be okay. Because my umbrella makes me smile when I use it so while I’d rather have lots of sunny spring days a little rain wouldn’t get me too down.

Finally, I am looking forward to being able to get out my spring clothes.  I’ve been getting pretty board with the same sweaters, scarves, pants, boots and sweatshirts recently. I am really ready to mix things up and wear a little lighter clothing. Don’t get me wrong I adore wearing scarves but I really like scarves that are fashion accessories rather than cold weather necessities.

So, Spring if you’re there, I ready and waiting.


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This is it. The end of my TV fame (at least for now). I had a a hell of a good time but I am ready to get my life back to normal.  My students have asked me many more personal questions about my life than ever before and I’ve totally failed this week to post anything on my blog of substance–aside from these hysterically funny Nova TV clips.

So, here’s number five.

Of all of the days, this is the one that I think edges in on being the most embarrassing. Not because of anything I do but because of what I don’t know.  I think it’s more embarrassing not to know something than doing something silly on tv, saying something dumb, or anything like this.  Here’s the thing, after a year and a half, I still don’t know many Bulgarian cultural or political figures.  Granted I am bad at name this celebrity/famous person in the States but watching myself on Bulgarian tv play the game adds a whole other level of ridiculousness to the whole thing.

Oh well. Such is life.

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Day 4: I Dance!

Today in Carolyn’s life: Balkan Dance!

If you assumed my life an/or me doing Balkan dance is really sexy this video will challenge any of those assumptions.

But if you need a laugh, I think this will do the trick.

(Thanks again, Andreytcho!!)

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Here it is! For those of you who’ve been waiting with bated breath for day three of me and Nova television. Oh and if you haven’t checked out day 2 you probably should. It turns out that I am part of my own video montage–that plays to American Woman by Lenny Kravitz.  It does make me wonder how did Nova Television know that’s the song that runs through my head when I am getting ready in the mornings?! Oh, just kidding.

Once again I owe a hugemongous thank-you to Andreytcho who it seems has not only an excellent sense of humor but the ability to edit and post the clip to youtube for all of you.

After Day Three ran, my students came to me with three concerns: 1. My 11th graders wanted to know what kind of alcohol was in my fridge.  I smiled and shrugged. 2. One student (a boy I might add) wanted to know how to make banana bread because according to him, he has some bananas that would be perfect for it. Maybe I should post a recipe.  3. Many students took it upon themselves to explain the multiple ways that I could ride the bus legally.  Thank-you.  (However, I would like to suggest an electronic card that could be read by the metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams.  This would make public transportation uber-easy and would cut down on the cards/tickets/worry and by making it easy-peasy, it will increase revenue. I am just saying.)

Hope everyone is still getting a kick out of my appearances on tv!

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My living on leva challenge has almost come to an end.  As predicted, there are somethings I was really successful  with and other things that really tripped me up.

One of the big things that tripped me up wasn’t something I’d really thought much about before I started the project. It’s this: your friends influence your spending.  Okay, okay. I know this shouldn’t be shocking and it wasn’t. I was just reminded about the role of friends in one’s finances.

Here’s the thing, the majority of my friends are expats. We get paid expat salaries and on a whole most of us don’t have to worry about whether we should buy the 15 leva bottle of wine or the 9 leva bottle. If we want to go to the movies we do. And it’s generally no big deal to take a taxi. Oh and I never blinked at paying 2.50 for a cappuccino in Onda at school.

But then I decide to live for a month on 400 leva. For me, this meant no more Onda, few taxis, no movies and the 6 leva bottle of wine.  No big deal. I was actively making the choice to live more deliberately.  Sure, I had to tell a few colleagues that I couldn’t grab a coffee with them at Onda but that’s okay and they understood. (more…)

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Day 2: Nova TV

Monday and Tuesday were seriously busy days.  I teach a full day of classes, take Bulgarian lessons, practice yoga and participate in Balkan dance class.  I haven’t had an ounce of extra time. I didn’t even get to see myself on Nova TV. I just had to hear about it from my students.  It’s okay though.

Because, this video makes up for it. I owe loyal follower and commenter andreytcho a huge thank-you.

Wow. I was literally doubled over by laughter. The editing done by Nova was good and made me smile.  The close up of the sign above my white board: Big Brother is Watching You and added later: And so is Ms. Emigh.  This really got my tickle-bone.  I also like the preview for Balkan dance because I appear to be on the right foot and this is something of a rarity for me.

But by far, the best part has got to be the speech bubbles that andreytcho added to the video clip.  These are priceless.

My sister tells me that the highlights are me speaking Bulgarian, me popping out of the shower and the section where the camera man catches me fumbling for my wallet.  According to her, this is cute. Thanks little sister!

Anyhow, thanks everyone for watching and hope that you get a chuckle out of it.  I know that I did. I mean it is pretty funny that my life is being introduced on Bulgarian television like it’s news.

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My 10th graders have been driving me crazy recently with “Hristo Stoichkov” speech.  They really like the phrase “sometimes loon, sometimes win.”  I would venture to guess that they’ve been talking like him for about four weeks.

It makes my English-teacher-skin crawl. Then I watched Hristo Stoichkov on youtube. It’s even worse. And even funnier than my students. You too should watch it.  This way you’ll know what they’ve been joking around about.

I have to say, Hristo is giving it his all and never pauses or stumbles. That’s what makes the whole thing so funny and slightly unbelievable. It’s the utter confidence that is striking. (more…)

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