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Dear Bulgaria,

I have a friend visiting for three days and I just noticed that the weather forecast suggests that it will rain for the next three days.  Really? Any chance, you could postpone the rain a day or two? or just rain really hard on Monday and clear up for the majority of her visit?

For the record, I’d be up for either of these options. And I think my friend K. would be fine with either of these as well.

Sure I am going to send her downtown with a map, an umbrella and a list of cool things to check out–some of which are museums but Sofia is much, much prettier in the sun rather than rain. K. is a good sport so I am sure she’ll be up for whatever you throw her way but really it’s hard enough for me to convince friends to come and visit and now it’s going to rain? (more…)


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Last night I celebrated a friend’s birthday with a serious BBQ.  We grilled a lot of different things but the highlight was certainly the hamburgers.

Hamburger Assembly

The weather was great, the company was in high spirits and the grilling/bbqing rivaled that of any American BBQ that’s taking place this weekend in the States for Memorial Day.

Yes, that’s how good the hamburgers were.  These were serious. As they should be.  They were not just ground beef rather they were ground beef with bread crumbs, egg, salt and pepper, worcestershire sauce and diced onion.

The expert grilling added to the assembly of the hamburger. They were cooked well but not well-cooked (you know not rare but not hard and dry). It’s not easy–standing by a pit of hot charcoal briquettes all afternoon tending raw meat. (more…)

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Paris in Spring

Well, I couldn’t get enough of Paris. It was a really wonderful trip.  I’ve been dreaming of Paris all week.

Eiffel Tower

The weather was incredibly good. I think it was in the 80s and while I brought both my raincoat and my umbrella–I never even need to think about them.  The sun was out and there was almost never a cloud in the sky. This it seems is the perfect weather for visiting Paris the first time. (more…)

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So one of my new favorite blogs, I have a hard time reading. Yep. I like a blog that I struggle reading.

Is that weird? Probably.

Mostly I like the pictures. I also like pretending that I can read some of it. Sometimes I can. Most of the time, I can’t. But that’s okay.

Because, the thing is, I am really good at looking at pictures and this blog has lots of great photos.

So without further ado: Блог Стара София

I think the part I like the most are the old photos. I also like knowing the streets, sites and the places that pop up on the blog. More than this, I like the then and now nature of many of the posts. Sure, I could use google translate to make more sense of the blog but that would sort of ruin it. I like trying to read the posts, studying the photos and then trying to see if I can make sense of anything else.

I don’t link to many Bulgarian language blogs from my English language blog but this is one that I really get a kick out of every time it pops up in my google reader.  So for all of my English-only readers outside of Sofia, this may not be a blog that becomes one of your favorites but it’s worth checking out!

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Yesterday morning on my way to work, I saw two girls bright shinny dresses, limp hair and their dates eating outside at McDonalds. They looked tired and happy. This morning I saw two girls hanging out in the parking lot of Billa in their prom dresses. They however looked sad and pathetic. Billa wasn’t open and their make up was smudged on their faces.

What I really wanted to tell them was go to home and go to bed–the party’s over. But I just smiled and thought: phew, it’s hard work being young.

It’s prom season in Bulgaria. Heck, I guess it’s prom season all over the world.  What does this mean in Bulgaria? Well, I’d say it’s American prom to the extreme.

Prom is a big deal. A really big deal. There are big dresses but also plenty of skin even bigger hair and lots photos, honking of car horns and all around cheer. Oh and there’s plenty of alcohol. (more…)

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Paris Wore Me Out

It’s official–all of those people who say Paris is lovely are right. Okay, I didn’t really doubt them before heading out on my trip but I wasn’t sure what kind of a city Paris is that everyone can love it. I also worried, what if I was the one who didn’t love it? Well, you’ll be happy to know, I loved the city.

Paris however wore me out. Between lots of walking around, a pretty sketchy hostel, the French wine and my perverse desire to see everything (even though I knew it was impossible)–I arrived home late last night completely satisfied with my trip and so very glad to be sleeping in my own bed. I could have used a day of vacation to recover from my vacation but no luck–instead, I was a busy, busy teacher. There are only three weeks of school left.

So tonight’s post is basically to say this: hey, MoM, I got home safely. Hey, blog-friends, thanks for all of your comments and I am looking forward to sharing some real Paris stories with you soon. Right now you’ll just have to check out some photos.

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Packing for Paris

48 Hours?

I was packing yesterday morning for my long weekend in Paris. Yep, by the time you’re reading this I’ll be in Paris. Just saying.

Well, I was struck by the realization that I am a bad reader. I’d never noticed that the deodorant I bought weeks ago says that it’s good for 48 hours.

I guess that’s what you get when buy things because it was on sale.

Then I pondered this question: who needs 48 hour deodorant?

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