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Hello, Sofia!

Phew. I am back home. Hello, Sofia!! It’s good to be sitting in my own apartment. Now all I have to do is a few loads of laundry, take a shower and buy some groceries. Then I’ll feel like a real human being again.

All I have to say is watch out Sofia, here I come. And even better?! I’ve got my friend R. in tow!!


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After celebrating the fourth of July, I hopped on a train to the Black Sea and spent a week there. That’s why my blogging has been infrequent at best. Sinemorets was lovely. The weather and the sun combined with friends and the food made it the perfect way to start my travel. Then I popped into Budapest for a few days to meet up with some friends and and now my friend R. and I are traveling through the Balkans. Or as Lonely Planet puts it the western Balkans. We hit  Beograd/Belgrade for a couple of days and then took the train to the Montenegrin coast–Kotor, Perast and Budva to name the highlights. Today we arrived in Albania. Yeah. I am in Albania right now. Two years ago I never guessed I’d say that.

All in all our travel has been going pretty smoothly but things got off to a bang in Sinemorets. There was some confusion over the bus schedule to Burgas–when the summer schedule started and the like. And as luck would have it I missed the last bus o Burgas. Normally I wouldn’t worry but I had to be at the airport early the next morning and I couldn’t take the morning bus because I wouldn’t get to the airport in time to catch my flight.

My friend G. who I was staying with was upset and yelling and the bus driver but really, what’s he going to do about it? So I said to G. do you think that there’s anyone who’s driving to Burgas tonight or tomorrow and I could catch a ride with them?

Well, this is perfect because she looks at me and says: yes. The fruit and vegetable man goes every night. So we march over to his stand they talk for a minute and agree that I can go with him at 10pm. Of course, he doesn’t really speak English so I had my longest conversation ever in Bulgarian. I spoke for nearly an hour and a half. Yeah, that’s a pretty big deal for me. And I think my Bulgarian tutor I. will be proud of me!

So to recap: I ended up getting a ride with a guy who sells fruits and veggies from the little town I was staying in on the Black Sea to Burgas where I was then flying to Budapest. The bus schedule wasn’t posted correctly so I missed the bus that I was supposed to take and ended up at 10 pm riding an hour and a half to Burgras with a random local that my friend G. knew. Luckily. Not a bad start to this current adventure!!

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Oreos in Bulgaria

Oreos are bursting onto the scene here in Bulgaria.  I like an oreo as much as the next girl but the whole thing is kind of sad too. Is nothing sacred? Can’t a girl go anywhere without being bombarded by images of American consumerism and obesity?

Here’s the thing, all of the signs advertising Oreos are all about teaching Bulgarians how to enjoy the cookie. Yep, this knowledge is being transmitted via billboards, commercials and construction sites.

Oreos in BulgariaYou can’t see the whole add in this picture but you get the idea. And frankly I was more interested in how big the advertising is than the instructions: Twist, lick, dunk.

This is the point where I feel the need to make some strangely colonist remark–something to the effect of here we are bringing light, wisdom and the oreo to the unknowing masses in Bulgaria. Aren’t they lucky?

Now they have the oreo and they know what to do with it!


But double-stuffed?! That’s going to blow their minds.

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Update: Pride Parade

Hey, I know that this is a late post but my MoM said that people in the States want to know about the parade. So something like two weeks late, here’s my post. Yeah, I had the best of intentions but somehow in the last two weeks there was never enough time. I guess it’s better late than never.

I went to the parade with a group of teachers from ACS. There were probably 20 of us total and then we joined up with some non-ACSers. So it was a nice sized group. We met at the metro and then walked to NDK–the national palace of culture where the parade was starting. Arriving at NDK was interesting, there was a huge police presence and when we got there they weren’t letting people gather on the bridge which was the gathering site. So we waited. Then they slowly let people through and all of the walkers received an arm band. I guess as a security measure.

Then the waiting started. More and more people showed up. There were rainbows, signs and flags. The whole event seemed very well put together. I guess that there were more than 700 participants. That’s pretty great–something like double the number from last year. (more…)

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I just got a new hair cut and I feel like a whole new person. I’ve been wanting a cut for a while but I am kind of lazy when it comes to things like this. So generally, I think: hey if I pull it back not one will know that I need a haircut. Needless to say, I’ve needed a haircut for probably the last two months.

Well, I did it and it looks great. If I do say so myself. Also, I looked at these pictures this morning and thought: I look so young. The cut is flattering and it seems to have shaved at least five years off my age. (more…)

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Hey, here’s proof of my new glasses. I got two pairs. I am not really sure which ones I like better. I think it just depends on my mood.

The first pair–the pair in brown–the youngish sales woman told me were for old people. I smiled and then bought them anyway. As if old people should have a corner on the cool glasses!! Take that old people. I am wearing your glasses.

My New glasses in Brown

Don’t worry, you also get to see the second pair. The only real difference is the glasses. Same pose, same couch, same well everything. (more…)

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Happy Birthday America!

So I am looking forward to this holiday–even in Bulgaria. I’ll be celebrating with friends this evening. The American Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce hosts a big shin-dig at the American College of Sofia. Based on all of the tickets, the huge number of tents being put together on Friday and the band that’s going to be be present–I think it’s going be great.

While it would be great to be grilling hamburgers in my parent’s backyard or attending a baseball game, I think celebrating the 4th of July Bulgarian style is going to be a hoot.

Pictures will follow. At some point.

I guess this is the time where I’ve also got tell you that as of Monday (yep, that’s tomorrow July 5th) I am going to be traveling. And I won’t be posting regularly. I did write and set a few posts be active over the next week but I know that this won’t make up for my not blogging. This said, I am on vacation, I am thrilled about and I simply won’t be posting as much.

So check in, there will be posts. Just not daily posts.

XOXO, Carolyn

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