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Last Saturday, on my weekend out of Sofia, I bought lots of homemade jam in Koprivshtitsa.

Why? Well, I don’t have the time, the energy or the interest necessary to make my own jam.  I am much happier buying it from little old women who’ve set-up a cardboard tables of jam.

Homemade Jam

Because what’s better than homemade jam?

I got home four jars–two jars of strawberry, one blueberry and a jar of pumpkin and walnut. The strawberry and blueberry are pretty standard issue. Tiny berries, hand picked, beautiful color.

But the pumpkin and walnut jam, that’s another story. (more…)


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Goat on a wall in Koprivshtitsa


Apparently, I am the kind of girl who makes a yearly trek to Koprivshtitsa. I didn’t know this about myself but it’s true. I’ve been to Koprivshtitsa four times in a little more than 2 years. That seems pretty good.

I’ve hit up the house museums, I’ve been hiking, I’ve purchases jars upon jars of homemade jam and I’ve eaten my way through the town.

And I can’t get enough of it. (more…)

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I’ve got friends visiting Sofia this weekend which I am really excited about. I love having a chance to show Sofia off.  Only we didn’t plan/communicate very well so Saturday I am going to Koprivshtitsa on Saturday night and they’re flying in from Budapest on Saturday afternoon. Ooops! Needless to say, we’ve got plans to meet on Sunday.

It seems to me the 10 must sees in Sofia are as follows:

  1. Alexander Nevski Cathedral (and the crypt with ions!) The building is beautiful with the stone construction, the gold and green roof and the wrought iron gates.  And the icon museum is both cool and a little over the top. Clearly my austere protestant background adds to the sense that the icons are fascinating and a bit wild in their depictions of different saints. The Eastern Orthodox church St. Sofia is right next to the cathedral and worth popping into if only to look into floor and see earlier remains of a church build on the same site.
  2. Ivan Vazov National Theater and the park in front of the theater. The theater is imposing sitting on one end of a pretty little park. On the far end of the park is the Sofia City Art Gallery which is free and usually has art worth checking out. (more…)

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Going to the wedding with my MoM!!

През Лятото аз ходих в Синиморец. Там беше хубаво. След морето аз ходих в Будапеща. Моята преятелка Р. също беше в Будапеща. През Юли ние ходихме в Сърбия, Черна Гора, Албания, Макадония, Косожо и България. През Август ас бях бкъщи с майка ми, баща ме, сестра ми, брат ме и приятелката му. Аз ядох много. Майка ми и баща ми са най-добрите готвачи. в моята къща е много топло през лятото, но ние имаме басейн. Ас плубах всеки ден. След една седмица аз ходих във Вашингтон. Видях много приятели!! След още една седмица аз се прибрах вкъщи. Моята приятелка се женеше. След това аз бях в уала уала 10 дни и в края на Август аз дойдох в София.

And for my MoM: this Bulgarian post is a quick summary of my summer. And I wrote it in past tense!

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My blog has been feeling rather disjointed recently. I guess this happens when you don’t have as much time to write as you’d like because your spending all of it eating, sleeping, sight-seeing, drinking and traveling.  I logged a lot of hours on airplanes, trains and buses this summer.

But I also think that it happens when you’re pushed and pulled in unexpected ways between two cultures, two language and a slew of different time zones.

It’s made my speech disjointed like when I caught myself talking about “the nature” even though in English it’s incorrect to say “the nature.” Or when my MoM rolls her eyes when I tell her I have to go and use the toilet rather than the bathroom.

It happens when I find that I want to correct other people’s grammar. Frankly though this isn’t okay to do to your friends or family. I mean if you want them to remain your friends.

There have also been moments where I am surprised to be able to read menus.  And I catch myself thinking: this is so easy. (But why is everything on the menu so expensive?!)

I am equally thrilled when I order and the waitress shrugs with my order in recognition and I don’t have to resort to pointing. Sometimes this makes me want to do a little dance but I don’t. I have a little self respect. (more…)

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My dAd announced this trip that he thought he needed a blog.

My original thought was: Um, okay.

Followed by: Awesome.

My dAd is going to start a blog.

Now I think that my dAd is pretty good with email.  That’s about all you need these days to write a blog. But much beyond that and I think that my MoM steps in to help him.  My brother and I got our dAd a new digital camera this past Christmas and he has about 2000 photos and has yet to download a single one.

So the blog-thing is going to be interesting. (more…)

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As I’ve already mentioned, we have a little cabin outside of Walla Walla. It’s really great. It’s close to town but when you’re there you’d never know it. The feel is pretty rustic. My great-grandfather built the cabin in the 1920’s using left over wood from a project at our family creamery. He built it because his wife my great-grandmother had relatives next door and she’d spent her childhood summers there.

My brother & Me at the Cabin

Generally we go to relax and to take in nature.  Some of us go to fish while others go to pick wild mountain berries.  We also go to eat.

By eat you should have no illusions about what we’re eating. I am not talking gourmet meals. No sir. I am talking cans of beer, grilled meat, potato salad, marshmallow and jello fruit salad (that’s healthy, right?), corn on the cob, a green salad with ranch dressing, french bread, baked beans, dessert and then sometimes we top this off with s’mores. (more…)

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