Busy Blog Bumble Bee

I’ve been working seriously on my blog this weekend.

Basically, here’s what is happening: I making a jump from wordpress.com to self-hosting my blog using wordpress.org.

So I am obsessing over colors, fonts and style rather than actually writing a new blog post.

I expect that the new site will be up running within a week. I mean, if all goes well.

Fingers crossed.



Rainy Day in 10

It’s been raining all week. So much so that yesterday in my Bulgarian lesson I learned: дано да не вали (something like: hopefully it wont rain). But learning this did little to change the weather patterns.

Yes, it’s still raining. I guess it’s officially fall in Sofia. Normally, I’d say that I like and dislike rain in equal parts. Today, I am not so sure.

  1. On my walk to the bus stop the 305, 306 and 76 buses all try their best to swamp me with a tidal wave of run-off rain water. I manage to dodge all attempts.
  2. Only to be done in by a loose sidewalk tile. I step on it, it tilts and the water collecting under it splashed up, out and over the tile onto my foot.
  3. Now I have one wet foot. I hate wet shoes.  Why didn’t I put my rain boots on? Because they didn’t go with my out fit. Why am I so silly and vain?! Continue Reading »

Two mornings ago I noticed that the Billa sing/bag was lying on its side on the ground in Mladost.

The Billa Shopping Bag

This surprised me for two reasons. First, I had no idea how big the bag actually was. It’s big. Second, I couldn’t tell if it had fallen or if it had been taken down. By the time I saw it, it was propped up on some packing flats of plywood but I wasn’t sure if it was an attempt to keep the sign out of the muddy grass.

It’s been rainy lately.

Cups of Coffee

I love coffee. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now you probably know this.

There are such hits on my blog as: I love coffee and Coffee, STAT. Because really, I do love coffee. Not a little bit but a lot.

Basically when it comes to coffee I know what I like but I have no real standards. If someone claims it coffee and it looks and smells like coffee, I’ll give it a go.

That’s why I am more than willing to drink steaming hot coffee out of much-too-thin plastic cups.


Plastic Coffee Cup


These cups scare me. For good reason.  Continue Reading »

Last night on the 76 bus after a loonnngggg day, two giggling girls caught my eye. Actually they caught my ear first. They couldn’t stop giggling.

I was tired and hungry. It was dark outside. I was trekking home after almost an hour and a half of Bulgarian dance class. And these girls could hardly contain themselves.

The two girls climbed on a stop or two after mine talking and giggling. Then I heard a few “okays.” My ears perked up and I realized that they were speaking English. Kind of.

They were laughing and it sounded like they were going through some practice dialogue. A dialogue which included hellos, numbers, okays and some longer harder to understand sentences–these were clearly the hard sentences for the girls too. The result was that the dialogue kept being interrupted by spattering of giggles as they when through the dialogue and stumbled over the hard words.

It was actually great fun to listen to. Both the English and the giggling.

I kind of wanted say hello but I didn’t. I didn’t want to be the creepy American girl listening in on conversations. Even though I regularly try to listen in on random Bulgarian conversations. Somehow this doesn’t feel like eavesdropping but listening in on a English conversation does. Anyhow, the girls were giggling too hard to pay much attention to me anyway.

That’s when it stuck me. I need to have more fun learning Bulgarian. I want to laugh and giggle like that.

I am not really sure how to make that happen. But I am going to think about it. I really like giggling.

Year Three and Me

A year ago, I made a list of a few things that I wanted to do in my second year in Bulgaria.

Good thought. Bad follow through.

I still don’t have a baba and I have yet to make rakiya.

I do however have an amazing Bulgarian tutor–I. who found me (thanks to my post), I checked out some new places in Bulgaria and I went to a number of new cultural events.

Year three?

Well, I guess it’s going to be more of the same: traveling, trying new things, learning more and writing about it.

That’s it for now!!


Goat on a wall in Koprivshtitsa


Apparently, I am the kind of girl who makes a yearly trek to Koprivshtitsa. I didn’t know this about myself but it’s true. I’ve been to Koprivshtitsa four times in a little more than 2 years. That seems pretty good.

I’ve hit up the house museums, I’ve been hiking, I’ve purchases jars upon jars of homemade jam and I’ve eaten my way through the town.

And I can’t get enough of it. Continue Reading »