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Busy Blog Bumble Bee

I’ve been working seriously on my blog this weekend.

Basically, here’s what is happening: I making a jump from wordpress.com to self-hosting my blog using wordpress.org.

So I am obsessing over colors, fonts and style rather than actually writing a new blog post.

I expect that the new site will be up running within a week. I mean, if all goes well.

Fingers crossed.



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Year Three and Me

A year ago, I made a list of a few things that I wanted to do in my second year in Bulgaria.

Good thought. Bad follow through.

I still don’t have a baba and I have yet to make rakiya.

I do however have an amazing Bulgarian tutor–I. who found me (thanks to my post), I checked out some new places in Bulgaria and I went to a number of new cultural events.

Year three?

Well, I guess it’s going to be more of the same: traveling, trying new things, learning more and writing about it.

That’s it for now!!

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Goat on a wall in Koprivshtitsa


Apparently, I am the kind of girl who makes a yearly trek to Koprivshtitsa. I didn’t know this about myself but it’s true. I’ve been to Koprivshtitsa four times in a little more than 2 years. That seems pretty good.

I’ve hit up the house museums, I’ve been hiking, I’ve purchases jars upon jars of homemade jam and I’ve eaten my way through the town.

And I can’t get enough of it. (more…)

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Is this Travel Writing?

Foreign Policy magazine has a piece on the changing world of travel writing titled: Travel Writing Ain’t What It Used to Be. The argument is that now that the world is smaller–it’s easier to travel and publish that travel writing has changed along with it. Well, of course. The question at hand seems to be do we still need the travel writer?

The old formula seems to be: “I saw, you didn’t.”

Right?! Isn’t that great? That is travel writing at it’s most basic.

Why then do I like to read travel writing–books about Bulgaria and the Balkans if I live here? I’ve been there and seen much of it first hand.

This seems to lead pretty naturally to the question: then, am I a travel writer? (more…)

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I’ve got friends visiting Sofia this weekend which I am really excited about. I love having a chance to show Sofia off.  Only we didn’t plan/communicate very well so Saturday I am going to Koprivshtitsa on Saturday night and they’re flying in from Budapest on Saturday afternoon. Ooops! Needless to say, we’ve got plans to meet on Sunday.

It seems to me the 10 must sees in Sofia are as follows:

  1. Alexander Nevski Cathedral (and the crypt with ions!) The building is beautiful with the stone construction, the gold and green roof and the wrought iron gates.  And the icon museum is both cool and a little over the top. Clearly my austere protestant background adds to the sense that the icons are fascinating and a bit wild in their depictions of different saints. The Eastern Orthodox church St. Sofia is right next to the cathedral and worth popping into if only to look into floor and see earlier remains of a church build on the same site.
  2. Ivan Vazov National Theater and the park in front of the theater. The theater is imposing sitting on one end of a pretty little park. On the far end of the park is the Sofia City Art Gallery which is free and usually has art worth checking out. (more…)

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Going to the wedding with my MoM!!

През Лятото аз ходих в Синиморец. Там беше хубаво. След морето аз ходих в Будапеща. Моята преятелка Р. също беше в Будапеща. През Юли ние ходихме в Сърбия, Черна Гора, Албания, Макадония, Косожо и България. През Август ас бях бкъщи с майка ми, баща ме, сестра ми, брат ме и приятелката му. Аз ядох много. Майка ми и баща ми са най-добрите готвачи. в моята къща е много топло през лятото, но ние имаме басейн. Ас плубах всеки ден. След една седмица аз ходих във Вашингтон. Видях много приятели!! След още една седмица аз се прибрах вкъщи. Моята приятелка се женеше. След това аз бях в уала уала 10 дни и в края на Август аз дойдох в София.

And for my MoM: this Bulgarian post is a quick summary of my summer. And I wrote it in past tense!

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This Week: Autumn

Hey, Thursday was the first day of autumn. Who knew? Well not me clearly. I am writing about it today. This said it seems fitting that yesterday I was introduced to this Bulgarian blog. It’s mostly photos that catch the unexpected beauty of Bulgaria.

Check it out! Tales of Rado:

End of 23.09.2010

This picture titled End of 23.09.2010 and it’s captured the feeling of Sofia this past week.

Autumn is coming. But it’s not actually here yet. The mornings are cool while the days are still getting pretty warm. It’s the kind of weather that’s impossible to dress for and every evening I’ve found myself walking home with my jacket draped over my arm rather than wearing it.

Still, autumn is inevitable. It’s bittersweet.

Luckily though, I love the crisp air that is fall morning. I love digging out my sweaters. I love seeing my breath in the gray morning light. I love the leaves turning colors.  I am also in love with this new-to-me blog.

Heck, I’ve already added it to my google reader. I don’t want to miss a post.

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