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I love Coffee

I actually really, really love coffee.  Thus I was super-duper excited when I saw this at the grocery store this afternoon:

My New Coffee Cup!!


Yep. It’s coffee and a coffee mug.  What’s better than that? The coffee I regularly buy at the same price with a coffee mug!? Um, that makes the coffee mug free.  Well, I guess free coffee and a free mug might be better.  Oh and even better than that would my own baritsa.  But, today, I got a free coffee mug and that’s okay by me.

I guess it’s a good thing that little things make me happy.  Or, in this case a green coffee mug.

One last thing, for my American readers I know that the coffee brand Jacobs looks like the “J” should be strong like Jack or Jill but here in Bulgaria it’s a soft “J.”  Now you know.  For what that’s worth.


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