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Earlier this week, I posted about buying pumpkin jam in Koprivshtitsa. I’d never seen or heard of such a thing. The jar is a beautiful orange color.

I’d been thinking about eating the jam on toast or with yogurt–but then one of my readers suggested crepe/Bulgarian style pancakes. I read the comment and thought I can do that.

Crepes Step One

I meant to do it Sunday night. But I ran out of time. Monday and Tuesday were busy, busy. So Wednesday it was.

The good news is that I like pumpkin and I like jam. So I thought: perfect! (I also like the color orange but I think that might be beside the point.) Anyhow, I thought this is the perfect combination. (more…)


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Last Saturday, on my weekend out of Sofia, I bought lots of homemade jam in Koprivshtitsa.

Why? Well, I don’t have the time, the energy or the interest necessary to make my own jam.  I am much happier buying it from little old women who’ve set-up a cardboard tables of jam.

Homemade Jam

Because what’s better than homemade jam?

I got home four jars–two jars of strawberry, one blueberry and a jar of pumpkin and walnut. The strawberry and blueberry are pretty standard issue. Tiny berries, hand picked, beautiful color.

But the pumpkin and walnut jam, that’s another story. (more…)

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