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Earlier this week, I posted about buying pumpkin jam in Koprivshtitsa. I’d never seen or heard of such a thing. The jar is a beautiful orange color.

I’d been thinking about eating the jam on toast or with yogurt–but then one of my readers suggested crepe/Bulgarian style pancakes. I read the comment and thought I can do that.

Crepes Step One

I meant to do it Sunday night. But I ran out of time. Monday and Tuesday were busy, busy. So Wednesday it was.

The good news is that I like pumpkin and I like jam. So I thought: perfect! (I also like the color orange but I think that might be beside the point.) Anyhow, I thought this is the perfect combination. (more…)


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Last Saturday, on my weekend out of Sofia, I bought lots of homemade jam in Koprivshtitsa.

Why? Well, I don’t have the time, the energy or the interest necessary to make my own jam.  I am much happier buying it from little old women who’ve set-up a cardboard tables of jam.

Homemade Jam

Because what’s better than homemade jam?

I got home four jars–two jars of strawberry, one blueberry and a jar of pumpkin and walnut. The strawberry and blueberry are pretty standard issue. Tiny berries, hand picked, beautiful color.

But the pumpkin and walnut jam, that’s another story. (more…)

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Goat on a wall in Koprivshtitsa


Apparently, I am the kind of girl who makes a yearly trek to Koprivshtitsa. I didn’t know this about myself but it’s true. I’ve been to Koprivshtitsa four times in a little more than 2 years. That seems pretty good.

I’ve hit up the house museums, I’ve been hiking, I’ve purchases jars upon jars of homemade jam and I’ve eaten my way through the town.

And I can’t get enough of it. (more…)

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Koprivstitsa Fall 2009


Koprivstitsa House in Red

I went to Koprivstitsa a few weeks ago with friends from school. This is the town where the Bulgarian April Uprising of 1876 started and it’s well known for its classic architecture of the Bulgarian National Revival.

Koprivstitsa is like a right rite of passage.  All Bulgarians tell you that you must go (and you must) and then they want to know what you think of their town.  The only proper answer is that you loved it (and you will). (more…)

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25 year old Bulgarian Revolutionary

25 year old Bulgarian Revolutionary

I’ve been to this great little town Koprivshtitsa twice: once in August with my language school and then I went again this month with the Fulbright. It was great. Both times. The town is known for a series of historic homes from the Bulgarian National Revival period.  The village has been well preserved because it was named a town museum in 1952 and then in 1971 it became a historical reserve.

I think that the village is worth visiting for the architecture and the the beauty of the seasons.  But I think that most visitors are interested in the history of the place.  This is after all the town that Todor Kableshkov announced the the national uprising against the Ottoman Empire–on April 20th, 1876.  We now know this event as the April Uprising.

What was pointed out to me during this trip, was that Kableshkov was only 25 years old when he died.  It seems that he knew what he wanted; he was motivated by his ideals.  He not only fought for the revolution but it seems that he started it–firing a gun from a bridge not far from his home.

Maybe he was caught up in the furor of a revolution, it certainly must have been an exciting time, but he did what few of us would do today.  He fought for something that he believed deeply in and he died for it. He seemed to believe that political change was possible.  Even after a 1000 years of Ottoman foreign domination, he thought: we’ve got something here, we’re a people and we can rule ourselves.  (Either that or he was having mother issues and it was easier to fight the Turks than to take it up with her.)


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