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Mladost in Photos

Mladost Supermarket

On my way to my Bulgarian lesson today, I snapped a bunch of photos of Mladost.

It’s officially fall here.

Mladost this Weekend

There are a few more photos after the jump and nearly two-dozen in Flickr. Check them out, okay!? (more…)


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Rainy Day in 10

It’s been raining all week. So much so that yesterday in my Bulgarian lesson I learned: дано да не вали (something like: hopefully it wont rain). But learning this did little to change the weather patterns.

Yes, it’s still raining. I guess it’s officially fall in Sofia. Normally, I’d say that I like and dislike rain in equal parts. Today, I am not so sure.

  1. On my walk to the bus stop the 305, 306 and 76 buses all try their best to swamp me with a tidal wave of run-off rain water. I manage to dodge all attempts.
  2. Only to be done in by a loose sidewalk tile. I step on it, it tilts and the water collecting under it splashed up, out and over the tile onto my foot.
  3. Now I have one wet foot. I hate wet shoes.  Why didn’t I put my rain boots on? Because they didn’t go with my out fit. Why am I so silly and vain?! (more…)

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Two mornings ago I noticed that the Billa sing/bag was lying on its side on the ground in Mladost.

The Billa Shopping Bag

This surprised me for two reasons. First, I had no idea how big the bag actually was. It’s big. Second, I couldn’t tell if it had fallen or if it had been taken down. By the time I saw it, it was propped up on some packing flats of plywood but I wasn’t sure if it was an attempt to keep the sign out of the muddy grass.

It’s been rainy lately.

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On the way home today, I found myself thinking about the metro project. The last metro on the line closest to my house is Mladost 1.

I live in Mladost 1A.

So, I’ve been thinking about the giant hole fondly as Metro: Mladost 1A.

Wow. Right?!

That’s how clever I am. Or not.

Nope, I didn’t give the hole a great name. Nope. Every time, I’ve walked by I’ve called Mladost 1A.

But for some reason, tonight was the night that I realized how ridiculous it would be to actually name the stop Mladost 1A.

First, it doesn’t roll off the tongue and second, it’s a pretty lack luster. Oh and what’s the difference really between Mladost 1 and Mladost 1a?!

Thus my question: does the soon-to-be-new-stop have a name? What is it?

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Signs in Mladost

Saw these signs on the way home from school today.

Signs in Mladost

Apparently the Monster Truck Show tonight beat out the Scorpions.

A monster truck shows seems uniquely American to me but this said, why shouldn’t the Bulgarians also enjoy monster trucks?!

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Mladost and the Metro

It was bound to happen. The metro is growing. There’s been a large hole by the Billa for months. But I never actually considered the road that I used everyday to get to school would close due to construction. Until Monday morning when there was more fencing up than ever before. Then Monday after school the road was closed.

The Fence around the Metro

The Hole through the Fence (N. This one is for you! This was the only place I could get my camera in through the green so it's not very nice. )

Humpf. My shortcut was gone. I had to walk back out to the main road and take a longer route home. I am a creature of habit. I don’t like surprises or changes like this. Irrational and unreasonable? Oh yes.

But at least I know this about myself.

Anyhow, these things happen. There are two giant holes down the street from me that at some point will be a metro. Maybe the road closure is progress. Maybe it’s just annoying.


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Most days I have my camera with me but of course, when you see the most amazing things you don’t have it, can’t find it your bag or while you’re digging around you miss the moment. All of the above happen to me more than I’d like to admit but recently I caught these two photos.

Young girl and grandfather

Notice the coordinating track suit-esque outfits? (more…)

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