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It’s pretty impossible to be a foreigner in Bulgaria and not notice the huge number of Bulgarian Rose products from rose oil to lotion, soap, bubble bath and even rose rakiya. These are it seems a staple of tourist shops. Heck, I too have brought back rose perfume in little carved wooden containers.  Kitch but still pretty great.

So today, a quick short article in the NYT Style section caught my eye.  It’s on cooking with rose water.  The article is apparently part of an ongoing discussion of power ingredients for cooking.

The headline grabbed me because of the rose water but the writing was pretty good so I kept reading.  Then I poured over the four tasty sounding recipes especially the Grilled Rose Water Pound Cake. Holy smokes.

Rose water sounds amazing. Check out these great ides:

You can also just start freelancing. Taking a cue from 18th-century bakers, substitute rose water for the vanilla in cupcakes, puddings or scones. Or (a personal favorite) add a teaspoon or so to your next batch of French toast batter. Put a drop or two in a glass of lemonade for a remarkably refreshing summer drink — or make a rose martini in the same manner.

Rose water matches uncannily well with many fruits, drawing out their shy aromas. Try adding a bit to a bowl of strawberries, or sprinkling sliced melon, plums or peaches with rose water mixed with a bit of riesling.

And if you make a salad of bitter greens dressed with a vinaigrette that has been barely touched with rose water, you’ll quickly change your mind about the versatility of this ingredient.

Sure, I already know that I like it. Enter rose lakum (Bulgarian Turkish delight–can I even say that? Well I just did). But I’d never considered all of the other dishes and drinks that I could spice up with some rose water. (more…)


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