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Ever wonder if and when I am going to read Under the Yoke? Ha, ha. Me too.

The good news is: these are the books currently on my beside table.

Reading Bulgaria

And Under the Yoke is among them.

I will read it. This year.

I just finished Cold Snap. It was hard to put down.  Really hard.


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Today is April 1st. Day One of my Under the Yoke challenge and book club in celebration of the April Uprising in Bulgaria (if celebration is actually the right word).

Based on my last post, Me & Under the Yoke, the current members seem to be me, my MoM, Andreytcho and Martin.  We’re going to have a blast.

It’s not too late to join in or to simply read along with us in anonymity. I’m not the boss of you, you can pick. But, I do believe that reading is good for you.  It’s like coffee or dinner–both are more fun when you have someone to talk to and share the experience with. .

What do you need? Well, the ability to read, a copy of the book and a little determination. A glass of wine and some snacks wouldn’t hurt either and seeing as this is a virtual book-club you wont have to share these with anyone, unless you want to.

This said, I understand that this isn’t for everyone.  Hell, living in Bulgaria isn’t for everyone and neither is rakiya but I am still giving it a try. So I think that you should too but that’s me.  My little sister took one look at the book and thought: it’s too long and the names are too hard to remember. She’s apparently not going to join us. I mean unless I can guilt her into it but she’s pretty stubborn.

Anyhow, you should know you’ve got options.  It’s in the public domain. You can download it and read it in English on your computer, kindle or even PDF. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home in order to read this book.  Yeah it doesn’t really get much better than that.  I can only assume based on Andreytcho’s comment that you can also get a copy in Bulgarian as well.  I just can’t help you with that you’ll have to look for this on your own.

So now what? (more…)

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I finally got a copy! 25 leva later I am the proud owner of Ivan Vasov’s novel. And don’t worry, I am going to blog about reading it.  If you remember, I thought I’d start reading it for the March 3rd holiday in Bulgaria but that date came and went without me being able to track down a copy.

Luckily, one of my Bulgarian friends told me I should read it during the month of April as homage to the 1876 April Uprising in Bulgaria. That sounded good to me.  So, I am going to be reading the novel over the month April.  Okay, I’ve already read the first two chapters but I don’t have as much time as I’d like to read or I might have read the whole thing already.  I love reading.

Then I thought: why should I read this alone?

So I made my MoM buy a copy on Amazon.com.  She’s a good sport like that. I also told her that she’d be left out if she didn’t because I am going to be leading an “Under the Yoke” book club during the month of April.  No word on whether or not she’s received her copy yet.  Oh and for the record, she’s reading it in English–as am I.

Here’s the thing: two people a book club does not make (especially if three’s a collection).  (more…)

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Yesterday I decided that I should track down a copy of Under the Yoke.  I was returning a long overdue library book. Yes, I love books but I also love to forget to return them. I read them and promptly forget about them.

Anyhow, today Bulgaria is celebrating Liberation Day–liberation from the Ottoman Empire.  So I figured what better way to spend a part of this national holiday than by reading Under the Yoke?

Well it turns out that our library has copies of the novel in Bulgarian (as it should) and in French (really?!) but we don’t have an English language copy (um, yes, this is the American College of Sofia and we don’t have a copy in English).  I look inquisitively at the librarian, she shrugs and I go back to my classroom.  It looks like I wont be reading Under the Yoke this holiday.  Foiled. (more…)

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